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Work experience:


Since 11/2021: Hyundai Capital Bank of Europe GmbH

Current: Director Outsourcing, Vendor Management, IT & Operations / Customer Service, Treasury Back-Office, Payments - authority to act


02/2019 until 10/2021: BMW Bank GmbH

Operations / Head of IT Provider- and Demand-Management


11/2011 until 01/2019: BMW Group Financial Services


11/2009 until 09/2011: Siemens IT Solutions & Services GmbH (SIS) and AtoS


01/2006 until 10/2009: Siemens Management Consulting (SMC)


10/2001 until 10/2005: Technische Universität München (TU Munich) / IESE Business School, Barcelona: Ph.D., university lecturer, consulting, presentations and research projects on Leadership Excellence



11/1999 until 10/2001: TU Munich, Business Administration (M.b.A.) / University of California, Berkeley, master thesis utilizing the method TRIZ: Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (Univ.), Head of TUM Business Club / Co-founder of TUM SpeakersSeries


10/1994 until 10/1999: TU Munich, Electrical Engineering & Information Technologies, master thesis utilizing the Chaos Theory and Fractals methods: Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.)


1985 until 1994: High School


Restricted section: CV

Perspective on Leadership:


In my view, leadership is strongly connected to change and transformation, especially in environments, where “change is the rule, and stability is the exception”. This is more often the case as sometimes presumed. Even in an environment, which seems to be stable at present, the organization should look for new opportunities and needs to be prepared, in case a reaction to changing conditions is required. Otherwise, the competition will find those opportunities.


I also believe that everyone who wants to make a difference in a company can be a leader, if she or he has the drive and the vision to move the own area of responsibility or the entire organization into a new (and hopefully “better”) direction. Having a disciplinary team is not a prerequisite, but the ability to inspire others to want to act.

Therefore, in contrary to the “great-man-leadership-theories”, it needs to be the goal of management to promote and utilize this collective power instead of believing, that only one person has all the wisdom to initiate the necessary changes.


Organization perspective: Accordingly, it is the job of the (top) management and the leaders to design an organization and implement structures and routines, which promote and increase the company's transformation-, adaptability- and in this sense leadership-capabilities, i.e. of the entire organization and of its individuals. Good examples are organizational development and learning units acting as a strategic platform for change.


Individuals perspective: In my view, a universally admitted set of rules is the important fundament in order to lead authentically and successfully in the interaction with a team and with partners. This should be accompanied by

  • people-orientation & the will to support and inspire teams in their initiatives regarding personal development, but also organizational transformation,
  • providing structure and routines promoting the right balance between stability and change - also in the direct interaction with the team,
  • setting issues into the broader strategic context to support the vision of the organization and to avoid "silo-thinking"
  • and the constant strive for impact and excellence / high quality.

I am appreciating any comments and perspectives on this view on leadership. There are always new findings & varying experiences and only the discussion and exchange will lead to new insights. Achieving progress in this matter and identifying ways how to apply them with sustainable impact in business and non-business organizations is what I am aiming for. So in case you share this ambition, please feel free to contact me.

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Dr. Jörg Siebert



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