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Main website updates

Date Updates
Feb. 2024

- Update of About me: Area of responsibility at HCBE updated

  Director Outsourcing, Vendor Management, IT & Operations / Customer Service, Treasury Back-Office,
  Payments - authority to act

- Updated CV uploaded

July 2022 - Updated CV uploaded

Nov. 2021

- Update of About me: Added new position since Nov. 2021:
  Director Outsourcing, Vendor Management, IT & Operations / Customer Service

  at the Hyundai Capital Bank of Europe GmbH

Nov. 2020

- Few minor updates and enhancements (e.g. Organic Leadership System added)

- TRIZ: Few activities at Business Incubator in Berkeley added

Oct. 25th 2020

- Restr. section Discussion thread for exchange reg. Leadership added

- Section Impressum updated with 'Major website updates'

Oct. 24th 2020

- Section Personal with restricted access added

- Private section Links to platforms added

Oct. 24th 2020

- Section Leadership Excellence updated

- Section Bibliography updated

Oct. 17th 2020

- TRIZ and Fractals Info updated

- Favicon and App Touch-Icon created

Oct. 2020

- Section About me update

- Structure of website updated

Sept. 2020 Version 2.0 (in new Ionos layout) live of combined websites and

Dr. Jörg Siebert



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